Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ukulele man would be proud

Today at Assembly the Savvy 7 Ukulele Orchestra performed. Loved it guys! Great effort and loved your extra touches. Keep up the hard work. When is the next performance?


  1. That was a very good effort in the assembly with the song.Kealan

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  3. Words emailed to me from Mr Ukuklele
    Hello Normandale School Ukulele Players, I have just seen the video of you all playing the song,
    "Bring back my neighbours to Me"in front of the school. It sounded wonderful, the strumming was correct,the 3 chord changes excellent and the singing nice and strong. I'm amazed at your performance and abilityin so short a time . Music and Song will keep you happy and healthy throu, life.
    Grahame - The Ukulele Man.