Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here's a fun reading activity


  1. WOW! This is awesome! It is a fun activity. Kealan

  2. That is a really cool game I could play on it all day if i could-Emily

  3. Awesome i'm going to play that again.

    by Matt

  4. thats a cool game i am going on holiday today i am going to a sports camp and we are going to go to the snow and the pools and do some sports things at the camp and lots of fun things bye -holly:)

  5. Hay this is caelin ,that is a awesome game.
    I got home from aussie last night at 20 past 12 and i only woke up an hour ago.were staying at my aunties house and we saw my cousins for the first time in ages!!!
    we had great fun going to theme parks and going to australia zoo and we went shopping alot.
    we saw at australia zoo..............
    Bindi,terri and little bob irwin.Bindi did a show (singing and Dancing).Straight after that show was a wildlife show with birds, snakes and then the irwins came out.Little bob sang the australia's anthem with help from bindi and the audience.Then Charlie the croc came out and bindi fed it then terri was on a platform above the croc and the crocidile jumped up and terri droped the food into it's mouth.We also fed elephants.
    The theme parks we went to were:
    Sea World ,Wetnwild and movie world.they were fun and wet
    I will try and get some photos of my holiday!!!!!

  6. sounds like an awesome holiday Caelin. See you when we get back at school.