Monday, September 6, 2010

I know fractions is about a lot more than pizza......

But is this not the best pizza fractions game you have ever played?

One condition to playing this game! Don't be hungry and you must answer the question below once you have played it.

What is the skill that the game is teaching us?


  1. To master fractions? I don't really know.Kealan

  2. I i like the game but it does get a litle hard if that is even how you spell litle i think but any way i like the game it really helps my maths well fractions-Emily

  3. Thanks Emily! little ( 2 ts) what was hard about the game?

  4. Emily get your words right not to be mean back to the pizza:) yippy oh no fractions well i have played the game and i think it is teaching you to learn fractions in lots of different ways and they are showing you one way of a new way i think i am not that shore it is just a guess-holly