Thursday, July 1, 2010

We had a great day in Civic Square

It was great to get into the city and see things that we have never really "seen" before.

My favourite quote from today came when we walked into Civic Square and were admiring the "Fern" sculpture suspended above us. " I've been here lots before but I've never looked up" Anyone want to take ownership of this one?

Thanks so much to the parents who came with us.


  1. That was a really good trip.I was amazed when I saw mrs Campbells painting.{I wish I could paint like that} Kealan

  2. Hi this is caelin i liked that trip i was one of the people who had been there alot but never looked favourite part of the trip was the painting.
    by the way i have the chiken pox!!!

  3. Turtle... ~Kirsty

  4. Hey Caelin, hope you are feeling ok! good timing, you won't miss much school! take care

  5. i loved this trip it was fun and i got 2 paint i liked mrs campbells painting i realy liked all the sclupture :)