Thursday, July 22, 2010

Collaborative Home Learning

Home learning has been many different things for different people. Some have continued to reveal their passion projects and do really interesting things along with working on basic facts and some great reading.

This term our new challenge is collaborative home learning. Your challenge is to use google apps to work together and produce something that others will enjoy and learn something from. The theme this week to start with is 'Relating to Others'.

Relating to others was our key Competency last term. The skills we focused on are life one ones and not to be forgotten.... so let's remember.

Create a presentation the helps us remember one of the relating to others ideas. Make sure you include
1. The name of the focus
2. Reasons why it is important
3. A relevant example of it in use that may be a situation that we would find ourselves in.

Your other challenge is to communicate and collaborate using the apps. Make sure it is not a one sided presentation. Make decisions together.

Make sure your work is proof read and appropriate to your audience.

If you need any assistance just ask and be sure to have your home learning shared with my by Thursday 29th July.

Good Luck and have fun


  1. what do you mean by assistance? Kealan

  2. Kealan, if you need any assistance ( help) from me then ask. Remember your buddy is your first person to work with but if you both need some help then just ask.

  3. Hi Mrs.C me its Sade and Anton and we have been working very hard on our homelearning but we have been having some computer issues so we couldn't finish our home learning. Sade and Anton.