Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Great Holidays

Looking forward to hearing a few more holiday stories. Thanks for those that have been sharing their stories on the blog.

Here is a picture from my holiday adventure. We went to New Plymouth and Mackenzie and Sam enjoyed some time with their grandparents and cousins.

I am starting a 2 day ICT expo tomorrow so will share some of my stories too.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday. Have a think about how you would like the new seating plan to look....and...

The Ukelele man is coming on Monday morning. Please please please if you have or can borrow a Ukelele, bring it on Monday.


  1. I don't think I can bring a ukelele sorry. kealan

  2. Hi caelin here, just spent a whole weekin the hot magnetic island in the great barrier reef.i went on saturday the 11th and got back last night at 12.30.we went horse riding,koala holdin,croc holding,bird holding,snake holding and alot more fun things.i can bring some ukeleles.