Thursday, August 26, 2010

Poor Ruth

A broken arm!! Not good.

How about you tell us about it Ruth or send me a photo to put on the blog.

Look forward to hearing form you.


  1. Ouch! It's not every day that you get a broken are you feeling Ruth? Kealan

  2. Ouch how did it happen? When did it happen?

  3. poor ruth i am so sorry it happened:)-holly

  4. Sorry that happened ruth i hope it gets better soon and i hope you do not hurt it again-Emily

  5. Sorry Ruth I hope it gets better and be careful next time. Ainayya

  6. well its not a broken arm its a broken wrist but I don’t see why it matters ok this is how it happened I was walking home with my wheelies on and as I do I cut through Mrs Morgan’s house but I still had my wheelies on and I slipped and I put my hand down to not make a really bad fall but when I put my hand out it did something so I rang my mum and she rang my dad and my dad rang me and he told me that he would come home so when he got home I went to the hospital and there was about a billion people down there so after about 2 hours my dad and I came home so the next day (Thursday) we went down to the hospital and it took about 3 hours because there was a car crash and after the 3 hours as I said I was wanting to come back to school but my mum rang and said that I should go to her work and at her work I had nuggets and chips. Mmmmm


  7. poor ruth
    i know how it feels i broke my arm last year

  8. Poor Ruth

    I can't amagine the pain i hope i'm lucky and won't get a brocken arm.

    By Matt.

  9. poor ruth

    by Jade

  10. hey Ruth sorry it happenned it but your lucky that you got nuggets and chips.