Monday, March 15, 2010

Vistors from Dubai

We have a vistor from Dubai . They are Daniel's cousins! I think Flossy (age10) is interested in our blog . I also Think Daniel's Grandparents visted Savvy7. Leave a comment and say hi to Daniel's cousins (if they come on). By Daniel


  1. Hello!!!Holly and Grace want to know what the weather is like in Dubi.

  2. Hi. Hows it going in Dubai? Its good here.

    From Daniel

  3. Heyya , great here. How are you all in NZ? MISSING YOU LOADSxxxx

    Loads of love , flossy xxx

    P.S:Its about 25 degrees in winter and 40 in summer :)

  4. Hi Flossy
    Good here in NZ. We are having a fun Day
    Love from daniel

  5. hi flossy enjoying our site kealan

  6. Hi this is Grace and Georgia
    what is it like in dubai?

  7. hi,
    its really nice out here i moved here (dubai) from england about 8 months ago so im quite new unlike some of my friends ( they were born here!)
    i am really enjoying your site as it is a way to keep in touch with dan! i love out here and though i am moving back in 5 years time , im not sure i really want to!

    loads f love flossyxxx :) :)

  8. It must be so cool having